Strata is the darkness, Strata is the anti-hero. Strata wears a black hoodie and hates his hair. Strata feels empty, Strata misses out. Strata gets nothing done, Strata gets frustrated. Strata is isolated. Strata is cool, Strata is cute. Strata is a freak. Strata is an asshole and tries not to be. Strata wants to rehydrate the past. Strata is confused and paranoid. Strata cares to a fault.


I stopped thinking like Strata somewhere along 2018 and 2019. I am happy about that. I've matured quite a bit and discovered that I actually like most people. Life is good, and when it's not, I can still deal with it.

In theory, I could turn this into an archive of what I wrote, as I did some time ago. The idea seems intriguing, and it's easy to pull off. But these texts don't feel authentic to me any longer; this site is stuck in the past. I think that's good.

In retrospect, I wish I could have been a better person. I probably caused my own share of pain to some people. And near the end, there were also ones who tried to make my life harder. I now understand where they came from, and I wish them the best.

Plus, my heart goes out to all the ones who are in a bad place during these times.

I wanted to put something back up here. Right now, I am writing this note. And now it's over.