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strata on neocities

v3 “final edition”; contented

Hallo. I'm strata and like to distract myself using neocities, music, writings, early web aesthetics and late night photography, besides other random stuff. I also have a blog consisting of links to worthwhile internet nonsense and personal experiences. Sometimes, I seem to dream up weird shit.

You might enjoy some of the things I made and some of the pages I created. Take a look at the sitemap, for instance.

the gang and vim

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Want to share nudity, death threats or your strata fanfiction with me? Want to talk about your issues, unborn triplets and product placement to mine the money out of Neocities' users?

Hit me up at strata [at] posteo [.] de or on Neocities. Don't worry: I won't bite. In fact, I like talking to people. So even if you planned to send me a “haha lol, hi”, it would please me. I'm easy to please.

i am just a copy of a copy of a copy ...

Every piece of content made by myself is in the public domain!

Do what the fuq you want with it.

You may even click here to download a full copy of the site as seen on 16/02/17.