Junk for audiophiles

How I listen to music while I’m doing shit.

main setup

amp: Technics SU-V660

Some people say a Matsushita employee brought this device directly from hell. I’ve yet to come across a HiFi speaker that can’t be blasted with the SU-V660. Literally the best amp on this planet with lots of inputs, outputs, configuration options and the satisfying click sound when the device is fully initialised.

It also looks timelessly beautiful with its slick and minimal design.

Devices hooked up to it are my PC, the cd player and the turntable.

cd: Technics SL-PG520A

Fits quite well on top of the SU-V660 this CD player is a minimalistic beauty. Supports gapless seeking for- and backwards using a jog. A bunch of other useless shit, too. Remote looks like straight outta 80s but actually, the cd player is from the 90s! What an incredible twist.

turntable: Dual DTJ301.1

Being a millennium jerk, I don’t know anything about the art of vinyl. So I bought this turntable. Idk. It works. It’s cool.

sound card: M-Audio Delta Audiophile 24/96

This card is a bitch to get working on Windows 10, but it provides nice sound. It uses line sockets instead of 3.5mm jack sockets and I like that since jacks tend to have loose contacts. This way, I don’t need any adapters to chain my sound card to the audio system. Also, the card has midi in/out and line input.

Some people say it even works with Linux!

speakers: Teufel Ultima 40 Mk2

Wow, just wow. The speakers have a pretty strong bias towards lots of bass, but this is fine. I like lots of bass and I’m not an analytic listener.

alternative parts

amp: Technics SU-Z450

Not as powerful as the SU-V660, but still good enough for every case where you don’t wanna hook up the 12kg monster (like hosting a party). You can see and breathe the 80s through the SU-VZ450’s design: there are flickering lights, metallic buttons with more drag than me at 2am in the night, and the captions are written in lowercase Helvetica if I’m not wrong! Also comes with the satisfying click.

speakers: Kenwood LS-A3

The Kenwood LS-A3 sounds pretty good for its size. I got one pair for free when my neighbour decided to get new HiFi gear.

  • written by jonas