Hey. As you might have noticed, some of the posts on this site were written early in the morning (like this one!) and I started to enjoy this. In fact, I started to enjoy it so hard that I even want to write something down without actually knowing what to talk about. I’m just sitting in my messy room with my laptop, hoping the laptop’s battery loose contact won’t fuck me into my tight little… life. And Radiohead’s OK Computer is coming out of the loudspeakers. How dystopian-romantic. Or, as the king of edginess would say: “edgy”.

I can’t explain why but it’s a fact my mood is a lot better late at night than it is after going to bed… isn’t sleep supposed to make you feel refreshed afterwards? For me, it seems to be the other way around: I start feeling better as the day goes on but after waking up in the morning, I feel like shit. Today, I even had to throw up after breakfast but I didn’t know why. At least I felt better afterwards. Also filmed an interview for a local company which makes me quite proud of myself. I didn’t want to use a tripod because it makes interviews even more boring than they actually are so I always moved around and zoomed a little and stuff like that. To be honest, the outcome rather resembles an episode of The Office than an interview. But that’s okay and if someone doesn’t like this I can just say it’s my style. Also got 10 euros for that task.

Since I started this site last year I’ve always wanted to write about why Mario Kart DS is the ideal way to spend time while taking a shit but I need to get the real experience again before writing about it in order for that to be authentic. So please remain patient while I continue being too point-blank for everybody’s linguistic taste, including my own.

Wo wir gerade bei sprachlichen Angelegenheiten sind: vor ein paar Tagen fiel mir auf dass ich auf Deutsch wahrscheinlich ganz anders spreche als auf Englisch und mich dann auch etwas wie eine andere Person fühle. Bei Französisch ist das aber nicht der Fall. Bei Französisch fühlt man sich einfach idiotisch.

I’ll go camping tomorrow, did you know? I bet you didn’t, because I hadn’t told you. But it’s true. Some former schoolmates will come with me. Or, to say it in a more precise way: I’m going with them since I have no clue about how and when and where this is going to take place whatsoever. I love appointments and side trips but I hate the details. And camping. Camping sucks, I dislike everything about it. Messy tents, the cold and humid air in the morning, cold body parts because sleeping bags are the worst. I do it for the social aspect.

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