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With our eight datacenters all around the globe, we at StrataNet™ are a leading provider of digital infrastructure for the coming millennium.

Our services range from running complex bulletin board systems all the way to web hosting for your next dotcom start-up.

All your features are belong to us

Services provided by StrataNet include:

Our mission

We at StrataNet see the world wide web as a place with unlimited opportunities – where everything is possible, given enough creativity and a fast 56k-modem (which you can buy for cheap at our retail store in Delaware). Resulting from this point of view, we want to help drive web technology forward.

Projects we're currently working on:

Did someone say support?

We won't leave you in the dark and provide 24/7 support for our customers, making use of large-capability callcenters in the United States, Brazil, France, India and Japan.

For more information, simply call 1-800-RELIABLEHOSTING.

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