really interesting topics repeated really often in really interesting ways

aka. a fuckton of nonsense from the mouth of a probably demented person

grep --color=always -RioP ".{20}[ ,.]bi(sexual|sexuality)?[ ,.].{20}" . | aha --black > ../bisexual.html
./Froghandmirror/ present, where my bisexual ass is still cursing
./Froghandmirror/ express my innate bisexuality is a privilege that 
./Froghandmirror/ faceless, nameless, bisexual, furry, pirating, pl
./Kratzenmirror/ not realising I was bisexual at the time, silly m
./Kratzenmirror/ prose, and using bisexual symbolism to such a 
./Kratzenmirror/ Akarsha being a bi girl ready to hurl (
./Kratzenmirror/ enjoyed greatly the bisexual glee I felt when rea
./Kratzenmirror/>Creator:</b> Froge, bisexual furry nerd from Cana
./Kratzenmirror/ can’t argue with my bisexual brothers. It may be 
./Kratzenmirror/ out my hedonistic bisexual fantasies and being 
./Kratzenmirror/”. Indeed, 11% are bisexual. Finally, I can be w
grep --color=always -RioP ".{20}[ ,.](my little )?(br|p)on(y|ies)[ ,.].{20}" . | aha --black > ../bronies.html
./10kbmirror/ to us on a golden pony, if we are but lucky
./10kbmirror/ as innocent as two My Little Pony characters cuddling…
./10kbmirror/ by a guy who draws My Little Pony porn, and Tumblr sug
./10kbmirror/" alt="A My Little Pony characture painting 
./10kbmirror/ music in the brony production scene — a
./10kbmirror/ what I was. The Pony OC EP, with no uncer
./10kbmirror/ I got out of the pony ghetto. Now it’s 201
./10kbmirror/, thought that the My Little Pony branding was hurting
./10kbmirror/ art, taken from the Pony OC EP, is famous in 
./10kbmirror/ that a bunch of bronies and pegasisters woul
./Froghandmirror/>The <b>My Little Pony Fanfiction</b> award
./Froghandmirror/ people as I play My Little Pony porn games in the ne
./Froghandmirror/ we're in a bad My Little Pony fanfiction where hor
./Froghandmirror/ write incestuous My Little Pony porn in my image. Wh
./Froghandmirror/ I got this from a My Little Pony fanfiction guide, so
./Froghandmirror/ and their My Little Pony World War II Nazi fa
./Froghandmirror/ illegal like read My Little Pony fanfiction? What am 
./Froghandmirror/ "Oh, Froge's a brony now? You know how fu
./Froghandmirror/ normie belief, the brony fandom was one of th
./Froghandmirror/ of the best the brony fandom had to offer.
./Froghandmirror/, better known as bronies toady, and not zooph
./Froghandmirror/ years earlier). Two brony shout-outs in a row?
./Froghandmirror/ The impact of bronies on the Web at large 
./Froghandmirror/ reviews (even the brony ones, which aren't a
./Froghandmirror/ Who Likes Erotic Brony Art Pisses off Guy W
./Froghandmirror/, so either pony up or store your com
./Kratzenmirror/ a cult leader by a My Little Pony bestiality porn arti
./Kratzenmirror/ about pretty pastel ponies is remarkable in its
./Kratzenmirror/ Through the lens of Brony Heck, one sees a sim
./Kratzenmirror/, a cartoon pony, as shown in “The Di
./Kratzenmirror/>, designed to help bronies write better fanfict
./Kratzenmirror/ been posited by a My Little Pony porn artist and sile
./Kratzenmirror/ by a man who draws My Little Pony porn for a living, a
./Kratzenmirror/ pretty pastel ponies who graduated from B
./Kratzenmirror/ It’s a one – trick pony, and you’ve pretty m
./Kratzenmirror/ rankings. Note: bronies and Pokémon fans are
./Kratzenmirror/ one of those oldfag bronies who actually browsed
./Kratzenmirror/ was in its infancy. Bronies are actually pretty 
./Kratzenmirror/ <p id="p24">Indeed, bronies allowed young men to
./Kratzenmirror/ and sexuality. Are bronies really to blame for 
./Kratzenmirror/>As a consequence of bronies being absolutely eve
./Kratzenmirror/ started after the brony craze in 2012. If th
./Kratzenmirror/, Zootopia, My Little Pony, and FNAF? As obscur
./Kratzenmirror/ music scenes for bronies are vastly more deve
./Kratzenmirror/, and the tons of Pony Music Video remixers
./Kratzenmirror/ thrill of being a brony at the time, with te
./Kratzenmirror/ one enterprising My Little Pony porn artist from lib
./Kratzenmirror/ for life. It was ponies with socks for me; t
./Kratzenmirror/, probably became a brony right in 2010 there,
./Kratzenmirror/ being interested in My Little Pony, I bumbled around Tu
./Kratzenmirror/ involved with more pony artwork, which ballo
./Kratzenmirror/ turned into bronies, weebs, and whatever
grep --color=always -RioP ".{20}[ ,.]fetish(es|ise|ised|ising)?[ ,.].{20}" . | aha --black > ../fetish.html
./10kbmirror/ It's a convenient fetish, given how only they
./10kbmirror/, racism, depraved fetishes, animal abuse, night
./10kbmirror/ then there's the fetish for large women, bon
./10kbmirror/ normies have these fetishes, and people are afra
./10kbmirror/ on my pregnancy fetish as a way to find new
./10kbmirror/ me. I have a small fetish for Winter, like all
./10kbmirror/ turned into a fetish for improving someth
./10kbmirror/ on a piece of fetish art, I don't want to
./10kbmirror/ anybody to a fetish they don't enjoy. Th
./10kbmirror/ might be considered fetish fuel. It's more prag
./Froghandmirror/ is secretly fetishising teenagers, and we're
./Froghandmirror/ so my strange fetish for experimental ele
./Froghandmirror/ are being, not just fetishised, but commercialised,
./Froghandmirror/ is necessary to not fetishise it. What the real wo
./Froghandmirror/ ignoring the diaper fetish, he painted on impul
./Froghandmirror/ that it combines my fetishes for software, review
./Froghandmirror/ cultures - and my fetish for culture runs dee
./Froghandmirror/ to fulfill these fetishes. And outside of what
./Froghandmirror/ (like Digibros fetish for format screws).<
./Froghandmirror/ qualifies as a fetish, followed by a blata
./Froghandmirror/ i know little about fetishes and can't judge them
./Froghandmirror/ porn and extreme fetish porn. It's fair to s
./Froghandmirror/ I suppose is a fetish as common as train s
./Froghandmirror/ my enduring fetish for small filesizes 
./Froghandmirror/ abuse (it's a fetish, eh?), that even for
./Froghandmirror/ that's their fetish. It's their fucking 
./Froghandmirror/ It's not my fetish, but it's one of my 
./Froghandmirror/ may have a whisper fetish, but it's like a dia
./Froghandmirror/ their favourite fetishes. Tagging your works 
./Froghandmirror/ it will be every fetish you'll have thought 
./Froghandmirror/ long, long list of fetishes. It's the encapsulat
./Froghandmirror/ won't eventually be fetishised, which is why there 
./Froghandmirror/ their very stars by fetishising them as a collection
./Froghandmirror/ without being fetishes, as to do that means
./Froghandmirror/ fate than being fetishised, as 4chan has the de
./Froghandmirror/ I always had a fetish for small files, and
./Froghandmirror/ their favourite fetishes and yuri anime. Don'
./Froghandmirror/ and their intimate fetishes are. It must not als
./Froghandmirror/, is not meant to fetishise the benefits of work
./Froghandmirror/, this article has a fetish for the word didacti
./Froghandmirror/ to my blatant fetish for Sweden: an irrel
./Froghandmirror/ by some guy with a fetish for unimaginative ar
./Froghandmirror/ Tarantula, whose fetish for asses ruins the 
./Froghandmirror/ the slow sex scat fetish porn shoot. Unfortun
./Froghandmirror/ your particular fetish and use it for all o
./Kratzenmirror/ age, and I cannot fetishise the “beauties” of a 
./Kratzenmirror/ exhibit such a gore fetish, but it’s given for 
./Kratzenmirror/ much as we love to fetishise mental illness nowad
./Kratzenmirror/, not like my dog fetish where I want to fuck
./Kratzenmirror/ dogs, I mean the fetish where you have an ap
./Kratzenmirror/ where everyone’s fetishes are displayed and se
./Kratzenmirror/ away. Don’t think I fetishise it to the point of O
./Kratzenmirror/ I have a gore fetish, seeing as it’s all 
./Kratzenmirror/    <p id="p13">I think fetishising depression to be thi
./Kratzenmirror/ her force – feeding fetish with her incestuous 
./Kratzenmirror/ minutes and a fetish for arthouse games t
./Kratzenmirror/ somebody’s fetish fuel, where I landed
./Kratzenmirror/ best your ’80s fetish, your mask leitmotif
./Kratzenmirror/ espoused your vore fetishes for all to see. I di
./Kratzenmirror/ Really? The vore fetish didn’t do it for you
./Kratzenmirror/ (even though my fetishes are vanilla as all h
./Kratzenmirror/"p39">As for other fetishes or philias, you’ll s
./Kratzenmirror/ ever – beloved vore fetish. It helps to try to 
./Kratzenmirror/ to real – world fetishes thanks to the power 
./Kratzenmirror/ yet most bizarre fetishes I’ve ever seen — the
./Kratzenmirror/ that it becomes a fetish rather than an artis
./Kratzenmirror/ on commissioned fetish work, a scene that i
./Kratzenmirror/>Is there any weird fetish stuff in the furry c
./Kratzenmirror/ your hecked up fetishes, and there will alwa
./Kratzenmirror/ is mundane, and all fetishes have their explanati
grep --color=always -RioP ".{20}[ ,.]fur(ry|ries)[ ,.].{20}" . | aha --black > ../furries.html
./10kbmirror/ the DeviantART of furries, and DeviantART for 
./10kbmirror/, I may only upload furry works, seeing as tha
./10kbmirror/ the pipe dream of a furry fuck with time to bu
./10kbmirror/ for my softcore furry porn, meaning you ge
./10kbmirror/ on time, gawk at furry porn, and knock off 
./10kbmirror/ artwork of buff furries getting dicked down 
./10kbmirror/ Black Eyed Peas of furries (but still has nothi
./10kbmirror/ alienating. It's furry while casting off th
./10kbmirror/ without being That Furry Dude. I have to avoi
./10kbmirror/ art on my PC is furry stuff, and I gotta b
./10kbmirror/</strong> No! The furry menace returns — wai
./10kbmirror/’s just ignore her furry comic and her axolot
./10kbmirror/ going to be some furry shit?” he asked. “No
./10kbmirror/>, calling Zootopia furry is kind of like call
./10kbmirror/ pandering to furries, they just knew that
./10kbmirror/ interest in weird furries, crayon–coloured art
./10kbmirror/ look and sound like furries yet are against call
./10kbmirror/ art is the typical furry trash you'd find on…
./10kbmirror/ isn't blatantly furry, focusing on work th
./10kbmirror/ decent out of a furry porn distributor, Ch
./10kbmirror/ shit. Chaos forbid furries get a fair shake on 
./10kbmirror/’t have access to my furry porn to justify spen
./10kbmirror/–disguised games for furries, but he draws them s
./10kbmirror/ wouldn't have been furry enough. It's a shame
./10kbmirror/ there’s still some furry work on there. Like 
./10kbmirror/’s may be discount furry, but it’s still furr
./10kbmirror/ Tan</strong> is a furry nerd who you may kno
./10kbmirror/ Tyson Tan, the furry fan, is noted for hi
./10kbmirror/ likes to draw furry girls in compromisin
./10kbmirror/ are still straight furry dudes out there. I t
./Froghandmirror/ as well as all the furry porn I keep linking 
./Froghandmirror/ about anime and furries and all that ishiii.
./Froghandmirror/, or my history as a furry, or all the things a
./Froghandmirror/ (even if it was all furry art and graphic nove
./Froghandmirror/ all of her furry artwork to her frien
./Froghandmirror/ taking! How many furries named Natalie who we
./Froghandmirror/ anime, sports, and furries, which bring togethe
./Froghandmirror/ the groups, such as furries likely to own seven 
./Froghandmirror/ the other groups, furries having higher life s
./Froghandmirror/ stereotypes about furries being true, such as 
./Froghandmirror/ at all to look at furry porn. Granted, I cou
./Froghandmirror/ of the furry fandom as a whole" i
./Froghandmirror/, I know a lot of furry work that doesn't ha
./Froghandmirror/ all the aspects of furry culture if I wanted 
./Froghandmirror/ be talking about furries. After a while, I'd 
./Froghandmirror/ Web culture with furries as an afterthought. 
./Froghandmirror/ that poorly-drawn furry art has that special
./Froghandmirror/, a bit like those furry fucks like Holo are 
./Froghandmirror/ with that fatass furry I talked to you in t
./Froghandmirror/ you will know it's furries. I guess that gives 
./Froghandmirror/ my prose is like a furry massaging your thigh
./Froghandmirror/ for forming a furry defamation league in
./Froghandmirror/ survives the furry firing squad and the
./Froghandmirror/ gigabytes worth of furry porn, and a small su
./Froghandmirror/ takes it and puts furry porn on the websites
./Froghandmirror/ to thank all the furry artists who draw the
./Froghandmirror/ (haven for nude furry children), DeviantAr
./Froghandmirror/ of today's post is furries - a fandom that gets
./Froghandmirror/ to be honest, you furry fuckers don't even d
./Froghandmirror/ of those strange furries who aren't okay with
./Froghandmirror/ with swears and furries. What I'm saying is 
./Froghandmirror/", damaging the furry fandom's reputation 
./Froghandmirror/ nature of the furry fandom (that some fu
./Froghandmirror/ - these pervert, furry, motherfucking ass d
./Froghandmirror/ site for furry porn and furry porn 
./Froghandmirror/ be tarnished. Furries are like those littl
./Froghandmirror/ Maybe there are furries out there that don't
./Froghandmirror/</a> pictures of furries, so it's a good plac
./Froghandmirror/ Spiegelman being a furry is too disrespectful
./Froghandmirror/ breeding ground for furries - away from the dram
./Froghandmirror/ e621, the premiere furry porn site, for final
./Froghandmirror/ one is to look at furry porn and to bail my 
./Froghandmirror/ dilemma for certain furries." alt="BWACKBWACKBWA
./Froghandmirror/ dilemma for certain furries." alt="BWACKBWACKBWA
./Froghandmirror/ dilemma for certain furries." alt="BWACKBWACKBWA
./Froghandmirror/ dilemma for certain furries." alt="BWACKBWACKBWA
./Froghandmirror/ dilemma for certain furries." alt="BWACKBWACKBWA
./Froghandmirror/ now? You know how furries are, always hopping 
./Froghandmirror/ them for making furries popular in the eyes 
./Froghandmirror/ from horse fan to furry fuck (source: former
./Froghandmirror/ dilemma for certain furries." alt="BWACKBWACKBWA
./Froghandmirror/ dilemma for certain furries." alt="BWACKBWACKBWA
./Froghandmirror/ dilemma for certain furries." alt="BWACKBWACKBWA
./Froghandmirror/ dilemma for certain furries." alt="BWACKBWACKBWA
./Froghandmirror/ dilemma for certain furries." alt="BWACKBWACKBWA
./Froghandmirror/ dilemma for certain furries." alt="BWACKBWACKBWA
./Froghandmirror/ dilemma for certain furries." alt="BWACKBWACKBWA
./Froghandmirror/ dilemma for certain furries." alt="BWACKBWACKBWA
./Froghandmirror/ dilemma for certain furries." alt="BWACKBWACKBWA
./Froghandmirror/ dilemma for certain furries." alt="BWACKBWACKBWA
./Froghandmirror/ awareness of the furry fandom and everythin
./Froghandmirror/ ever come out of furries ever). Yes, friends,
./Froghandmirror/ surrounding furries and doing research a
./Froghandmirror/ detailing what furries do, what they own, a
./Froghandmirror/ dilemma for certain furries." alt="BWACKBWACKBWA
./Froghandmirror/ dilemma for certain furries." alt="BWACKBWACKBWA
./Froghandmirror/ dilemma for certain furries." alt="BWACKBWACKBWA
./Froghandmirror/ dilemma for certain furries." alt="BWACKBWACKBWA
./Froghandmirror/ dilemma for certain furries." alt="BWACKBWACKBWA
./Froghandmirror/ dilemma for certain furries." alt="BWACKBWACKBWA
./Froghandmirror/ dilemma for certain furries." alt="BWACKBWACKBWA
./Froghandmirror/ dilemma for certain furries." alt="BWACKBWACKBWA
./Froghandmirror/ dilemma for certain furries." alt="BWACKBWACKBWA
./Froghandmirror/ dilemma for certain furries." alt="BWACKBWACKBWA
./Froghandmirror/ dilemma for certain furries." alt="BWACKBWACKBWA
./Froghandmirror/">8chan furry board</a> (technical
./Froghandmirror/ 4chan and the 8chan furry board How am I suppo
./Froghandmirror/ they feature cute furries, as opposed to human
./Froghandmirror/ particular way that furries and other such "kawa
./Froghandmirror/ how much of a furry fuck I myself am (th
./Froghandmirror/ as I do Japanese furry art. To the article'
./Froghandmirror/ If I upload a gay furry orgy 30 megabytes in
./Froghandmirror/ nameless, bisexual, furry, pirating, plushophi
./Froghandmirror/ weeb blog made by a furry about cartoons. Howe
./Froghandmirror/ thus far to draw in furries and little else, it 
./Froghandmirror/ setting, the furries (or "funny animals" 
./Froghandmirror/ to do? Jack off to furry porn? Oh wait, you c
./Froghandmirror/ Date". As a proud furry lad, I have seen far
./Froghandmirror/ yourself on a furry porn site and though
./Froghandmirror/, unless you're a furry and stopped giving a
./Froghandmirror/ who grilled a furry to check if bestiali
./Froghandmirror/ This also includes furries and other fictional 
./Kratzenmirror/, we can have a furry trash game such as J
./Kratzenmirror/ Casie, featuring a furry catgirl travelling a
./Kratzenmirror/ the fruits of our furry weeb labours, and wa
./Kratzenmirror/ up gun, use gun on furry, badabing, badaboom.
./Kratzenmirror/ sense of most furry characters, was desi
./Kratzenmirror/ I speak for all furries when I say: “Where i
./Kratzenmirror/ much stuck in the Furry Slums at that point,
./Kratzenmirror/ they jacked off to furry porn was over a week
./Kratzenmirror/</em> type of furry game, where there’s 
./Kratzenmirror/ discourse about a furry novel that doesn’t f
./Kratzenmirror/! Two, being a furry doesn’t stop you fro
./Kratzenmirror/ For a blatantly furry developer, I am disa
./Kratzenmirror/,” I mean blatantly furry fanservice. Come on,
./Kratzenmirror/ with the homonymous furry porn artist, which i
./Kratzenmirror/ weebs form a furry role – playing group
./Kratzenmirror/, <em>”where is the furry porn?“</em> I’ve pro
./Kratzenmirror/ to Nami’s more furry works, because I’m j
./Kratzenmirror/ with your three furry friends (well, two f
./Kratzenmirror/ because this is a furry game everything will
./Kratzenmirror/ because everyone is furries — or bunnies, rather
./Kratzenmirror/ Like the furries, it requires no expl
./Kratzenmirror/ features a bunch of furries. It’s fresh but not 
./Kratzenmirror/ “girls acting cute, furries acting cute, and all
./Kratzenmirror/ (oh my) and furries (oh nyas) and everyo
./Kratzenmirror/ some appeal for the furries, some appeal for the
./Kratzenmirror/, to a blatant furry rag by way of develo
./Kratzenmirror/’ll just write about furry porn. <a href="../..
./Kratzenmirror/<p>It’s time for the Furry Infection, though in
./Kratzenmirror/" alt="A cool furry mammal thing looking
./Kratzenmirror/, cropped from furry porn." width="128" h
./Kratzenmirror/"A cat’s face from furry porn, specifically t
./Kratzenmirror/ how about that gay furry romance, eh? Alright
./Kratzenmirror/</b> Froge, bisexual furry nerd from Canada —<b
./Kratzenmirror/ know my tastes are furry, but really now! The
./Kratzenmirror/ is typical of the Furry Persuasion. Every da
./Kratzenmirror/ least I’ll get the furry porn references.</p>
./Kratzenmirror/ dissent about your furry meme game that didn’
./Kratzenmirror/ struggle for furry meme games, why not 
./Kratzenmirror/ and was made by a furry and – or scalie deve
./Kratzenmirror/ alert! The world of furry visual novels (or in
./Kratzenmirror/ visual novel for furries — , and then there a
./Kratzenmirror/ a meme game for furries, you’re not only com
./Kratzenmirror/, the Stoic autistic furry weeaboo plushophile 
./Kratzenmirror/ from Brony to Furry in the span of just 
./Kratzenmirror/ <strong>Most Furry Game of 2017,</stron
./Kratzenmirror/ written by a furry — I mean <strong>My 
./Kratzenmirror/ proud member of the Furry Persuasion by includ
./Kratzenmirror/ instead of his own furry article which I’ve b
./Kratzenmirror/ article about the furry who was <a href="htt
./Kratzenmirror/ wonderful world of furry nerds, as said by th
./Kratzenmirror/>To wit, only 13% of furries own the typical masc
./Kratzenmirror/ The problem with furries is that most of them
./Kratzenmirror/ it’s like to be a furry — they just enjoy it
./Kratzenmirror/ facts from not only furries, but from weeaboos a
./Kratzenmirror/                 <p id="p10">The furry community, in contra
./Kratzenmirror/ for almost all furries, SoFurry is vastly l
./Kratzenmirror/ ground for all furry art whatsoever, prov
./Kratzenmirror/ part about being a furry. 43.5% of male furri
./Kratzenmirror/ By no means are all furries in it for the porn. 
./Kratzenmirror/ joke that all furries are horny forever al
./Kratzenmirror/ Indeed, the furry community has an ext
./Kratzenmirror/ aspects of the furry community is well – 
./Kratzenmirror/ The whole of furry culture lives and di
./Kratzenmirror/ created by actual furries. We are unique in th
./Kratzenmirror/">The most popular furry artists? Literally d
./Kratzenmirror/ I have seen, and so furries tend to appreciate d
./Kratzenmirror/ are not considered furries, at least not canoni
./Kratzenmirror/ for “mainstream” furries. There are almost no
./Kratzenmirror/ calling themselves furry. Blatant furbait suc
./Kratzenmirror/ least cringy lowkey furry the fandom has ever 
./Kratzenmirror/ more insight into furry culture, just ask ar
./Kratzenmirror/ get a response from furries who feel you are try
./Kratzenmirror/ one’s simple. The furry community developed 
./Kratzenmirror/ other such fans. Furry conventions started 
./Kratzenmirror/ might say that if furries did not exist, it wo
./Kratzenmirror/ the Mecca for furries, and we even got a 2
./Kratzenmirror/ everywhere, furries became more noticed 
./Kratzenmirror/ you couldn’t don a furry avatar without being
./Kratzenmirror/ to a combination of furries being on popular soc
./Kratzenmirror/ Tumblr and Twitter, furry art diversifying fro
./Kratzenmirror/ and more works that furries and non – furries wi
./Kratzenmirror/">In the year 2017, furry porn can gain thousa
./Kratzenmirror/ span, and regular furry work can gain even m
./Kratzenmirror/ differences between furries and non – furries ar
./Kratzenmirror/, one day it will be furries. What will happen af
./Kratzenmirror/ artwork, the furry community is dead. A
./Kratzenmirror/ is just looking at furry artwork and talking 
./Kratzenmirror/ who are keeping furries <em>alive</em>. Wher
./Kratzenmirror/ or not you want furries to die out is kind o
./Kratzenmirror/ the porn, a lot of furries find it preferable t
./Kratzenmirror/ of “zoophiliac” furries is ill – defined and
./Kratzenmirror/ for “mainstream” furries. There are almost no
./Kratzenmirror/ calling themselves furry. Blatant furbait suc
./Kratzenmirror/ vast majority of furry pornography has noth
./Kratzenmirror/ the tastes of most furries. It’s a stigma I sup
./Kratzenmirror/ correct” furry work, which lends it
./Kratzenmirror/, so if a furry wants to be safe, it
./Kratzenmirror/ of fanfiction or furry music. This is drama
./Kratzenmirror/ about being a furry, beyond using the fa
./Kratzenmirror/ than that of furries, thanks to them havi
./Kratzenmirror/ works around, where furries are forced to make t
./Kratzenmirror/"p46">I don’t think furries even understand them
./Kratzenmirror/ that every other furry goes through, whethe
./Kratzenmirror/ even know if being furry is a conscious choic
./Kratzenmirror/ if it weren’t for furries. They are brilliant 
./Kratzenmirror/<p id="p48">A lot of furries create fursonas; eve
./Kratzenmirror/ 250 pounds. Most furries are actually skinny 
./Kratzenmirror/ queers in the furry community will get y
./Kratzenmirror/ is that some furries feel a need to be th
./Kratzenmirror/ lowest level of the furry community, with the 
./Kratzenmirror/ dedicated furry, look no further tha
./Kratzenmirror/ self – depreciating furry content. You’ll only
./Kratzenmirror/ you’re sufficiently furry enough, so consider 
./Kratzenmirror/ to the commentator. Furries are so hedonistic th
./Kratzenmirror/ join within it; the furry fandom’s conversion 
./Kratzenmirror/, because a lot of furries already know what ot
./Kratzenmirror/><b>1a. If you are a furry, how long have you b
./Kratzenmirror/ ballooned into furry works like that of A
./Kratzenmirror/ that I was aware of furries since I was around e
./Kratzenmirror/ years I’ve been a furry now, proud that I am
./Kratzenmirror/ in references to furries, the porn, and the s
./Kratzenmirror/ and they tend to be furries more often than not,
./Kratzenmirror/ you ever been to a furry meet – up? If so, ho
./Kratzenmirror/ United States for a furry convention. It is a 
./Kratzenmirror/ fetish stuff in the furry community? If so, wh
./Kratzenmirror/; less than 25% of furries are straight, leadin
./Kratzenmirror/ “straight furry safe spaces”. Indeed
./Kratzenmirror/ Do you follow any furry subreddits, YouTuber
./Kratzenmirror/ thing about the furry community?</b> Being
./Kratzenmirror/ thing about the furry community?</b> Mothe
./Kratzenmirror/ name your favourite furry cartoons/movies/anim
./Kratzenmirror/ blatant feel – good furry franchises are Anima
./Kratzenmirror/ of what an actual furry might be like… and y
./Kratzenmirror/ an in – joke among furries as just another chee
./Kratzenmirror/>10. Do you know any furries off – line?</b> No, 
./Kratzenmirror/ Do you know any furries online?</b> Yes, the
./Kratzenmirror/ what it is about furries that makes it such a
./Kratzenmirror/ I could practice furry porn for the coming 
./Kratzenmirror/ diversions about furries and websites because
./Kratzenmirror/ (visual novels, furry games, and so on), k
./Kratzenmirror/ short stories and furry porn to earn his kee
./Kratzenmirror/ the Undertale gene: furry little creatures in 
./Kratzenmirror/ dab. No, if I want furry games, I’m sticking 
./Kratzenmirror/ strong signs of furries making their way in 
./Kratzenmirror/ made games about furries instead of thirty – 
./Kratzenmirror/, here to give you furries and fleshloves a tas
grep --color=always -RioP ".{20}[ ,.]gay[s]?[ ,.].{20}" . | aha --black > ../gay.html
./10kbmirror/ to describe as a gay club song… but let's
./10kbmirror/, Iran hates gay people and executed 
./10kbmirror/ into a loveless gay marriage for tax ben
./10kbmirror/ out soon, because a gay Finnish dragon recom
./10kbmirror/ want is innocent gay ferals, then check i
./Froghandmirror/ also welcome to the gay ballroom. No, you ca
./Froghandmirror/ say: welcome to the gay ballroom. The awards
./Froghandmirror/ selves, and being gay as all hecky. It's a
./Froghandmirror/ that either God is gay or the show creators
./Froghandmirror/ just say you're gay for Itsuki. He would
./Froghandmirror/ that somebody is gay based on inconclusiv
./Froghandmirror/ put in excessively gay scenes and not even 
./Froghandmirror/ can decide that gay people can't fuck be
./Froghandmirror/, and creating the Gay Apocalypse. It's lik
./Froghandmirror/ <i>taste</i> the Gay Luigi. But beyond al
./Froghandmirror/ my two sons and my gay best friend who I gi
./Froghandmirror/ gurt within? So my gay best friend was cryi
./Froghandmirror/ fucking idiot as my gay best friend tried to
./Froghandmirror/ into flames and my gay best friend ripped h
./Froghandmirror/ one purpose: pardon gay otters. Also Edward 
./Froghandmirror/ terrorists or the gays or whatever the meme
./Froghandmirror/ bike into a gay bar and have to esca
./Froghandmirror/ is friendlier to gay men than Buzzfeed, a
./Froghandmirror/ the Devil camp gay without being idless
./Froghandmirror/ uppp~ ^ω^ like the gay babies they are :3 n
./Froghandmirror/ dialogue from a gay crossdressing fursui
./Froghandmirror/ still enjoying a gay cross-dressing fursu
./Froghandmirror/">your gay son living in 1959</
./Froghandmirror/ less because it's a gay thing and more becau
./Froghandmirror/ you do happen to be gay, or at least on the 
./Froghandmirror/ represent the gay agenda), then perhap
./Froghandmirror/ user. If I upload a gay furry orgy 30 megaby
./Froghandmirror/ it turns out Herb's gay, and Bojack sells hi
./Froghandmirror/ casually have two gay blokes in a work and
./Froghandmirror/ void in front of gay Mewtwo (and we all l
./Froghandmirror/ some time admiring gay MewTwo's beautiful s
./Froghandmirror/, I got audio on the gay one (you start getti
./Kratzenmirror/ that alongside gay anime visual novels 
./Kratzenmirror/ we’ll all have a gay old time — as in jol
./Kratzenmirror/ Kill Me For Being Gay Now’s A Good Time To
./Kratzenmirror/ its throes. It’s gay as a daisy in May an
./Kratzenmirror/ how you can make a gay visual novel nowaday
./Kratzenmirror/, I appreciate, how gay it is, and also how 
./Kratzenmirror/ American and she’s gay (extraordinarily poo
./Kratzenmirror/ Muslims and I’m a gay atheist, I think I’l
./Kratzenmirror/ where you shoot a gay cat in the Gun’sbras
./Kratzenmirror/ supplement to any gay baby worried about t
./Kratzenmirror/ awful it is to be gay, or at least half – 
./Kratzenmirror/ to move on to the Gay Menace. You — and by
./Kratzenmirror/, too – obvious gay foreshadowing, style
./Kratzenmirror/ who hang around the Gays in order to provide 
./Kratzenmirror/ visual novel about gay asian girls playing 
./Kratzenmirror/ destined to be in a gay visual novel), we ge
./Kratzenmirror/ with a case of the Gays, for her to remember
./Kratzenmirror/ another case of the Gay, singular, gets tack
./Kratzenmirror/ girls kiss and are gay and then it all abru
./Kratzenmirror/ “It turns out I’m gay after all” and final
./Kratzenmirror/ young that she was gay as hell, Diya just k
./Kratzenmirror/ advice to the two gay nerds despite the no
./Kratzenmirror/ Noelle isn’t gay, and with Akarsha be
./Kratzenmirror/ level why: Gay Asian romance novel!
./Kratzenmirror/ bravery of being gay in the year 2017! A 
./Kratzenmirror/ Hunt is about a gay fox and a gay dude a
./Kratzenmirror/ – boy fox and they gay it up for the next h
./Kratzenmirror/          <p id="p13">For a gay story, though not as
./Kratzenmirror/ (especially the gay ones), and isn’t wri
./Kratzenmirror/ what they say: a gay fox a day keeps the 
./Kratzenmirror/ one – half of the GAY GAY GAY art collecti
./Kratzenmirror/ substantially less gay. The other half is s
./Kratzenmirror/ getting to know the GAY GAY GAY characters: 
./Kratzenmirror/ section where the gay blue boys tell you h
./Kratzenmirror/ her. All I get is gay cats with their back
./Kratzenmirror/ one, despite the gay foxes having so many
./Kratzenmirror/ for everyone being gay. But, like with <a h
./Kratzenmirror/ cute and really gay and also features a 
./Kratzenmirror/,</em> too. And it’s gay. It’s gay gay gay ga
./Kratzenmirror/ and everyone is gay gay gay and so on. T
./Kratzenmirror/ who love being gay gay gay, and I love 
./Kratzenmirror/ you a while to be gay gay gay instead of h
./Kratzenmirror/<em>everyone</em> is gay and this is totally 
./Kratzenmirror/ where everything is gay gay gay, come on in.
./Kratzenmirror/ fluff. It’s quite gay and also cute, but n
./Kratzenmirror/ is about a bunch of gay girls doing their gi
./Kratzenmirror/" alt="The gay fox boy, Kei, from “
./Kratzenmirror/<p>So how about that gay furry romance, eh? A
./Kratzenmirror/ – furry, but full gay. Essence Hunt is a s
./Kratzenmirror/ extraordinarily gay and are a culture un
./Kratzenmirror/ her for King of the Gays, a title which is be
./Kratzenmirror/ enough to give this GAY novel a shot. Also, 
./Kratzenmirror/ who’s back on that gay shit mutherfuckaaaaa
./Kratzenmirror/ the experiences of gay women. Though I gues
./Kratzenmirror/</a> was a hecking gay yaoi visual novel th
./Kratzenmirror/ fursona and your gay boyfriend, and espou
./Kratzenmirror/ fandom might call GAY GAY GAY, given my af
./Kratzenmirror/ significantly more gay. Nobody has to deal 
./Kratzenmirror/ about just how GAY it can be sometimes.
./Kratzenmirror/ with a partial of a gay cat, but then I woul
./Kratzenmirror/ now as cuddly and gay little nerds. The ga
./Kratzenmirror/ racist. Also not gay. Just throwing that 
./Kratzenmirror/ a blog dedicated to gay Yordles just up and 
./Kratzenmirror/ Yordles who aren’t gay, as well. What I am 
grep --color=always -RioP ".{20}[ ,.]indulg(e[d]?|ing)[ ,.].{20}" . | aha --black > ../indulge.html
./10kbmirror/ you permission to indulge in it; you can't enj
./10kbmirror/ pleasure of indulging in the arts that mak
./10kbmirror/ us that we cannot indulge in our fundamental r
./10kbmirror/ that being able to indulge in something innocen
./10kbmirror/ when they first indulge in their work. For d
./10kbmirror/ I'm sorry we can't indulge in more of their wor
./10kbmirror/ so that we may indulge in it some more, des
./10kbmirror/ is not obliged to indulge in their work, nor w
./10kbmirror/ comes because indulging in their work is the
./10kbmirror/ make it go away. To indulge in it, if even for a
./10kbmirror/ best we can do is indulge in that silliness, h
./10kbmirror/, may have already indulged in it. It works by t
./10kbmirror/ exact same thing, indulging in the culture they 
./10kbmirror/ the beaten path and indulging what you have never 
./10kbmirror/ zone, and so end up indulging in the least controv
./10kbmirror/ would be excited to indulge in it after the fact
./10kbmirror/ before you indulge in the media for you
./10kbmirror/ audience's right to indulge in it, using it howe
./10kbmirror/’s permission to indulge in their art. Just g
./10kbmirror/, and where you can indulge in your fundamental 
./10kbmirror/ need permission to indulge in, spread far and w
./Froghandmirror/ most right now. Indulging in art is indulging 
./Froghandmirror/, where they may indulge in a culture that th
./Froghandmirror/ why so many people indulge in this collective c
./Froghandmirror/ who regularly indulge in bad media hasn't 
./Froghandmirror/ the mainstream and indulge in the obscure, thou
./Froghandmirror/ your children to indulge in media that was ma
./Froghandmirror/ demographic, is to indulge in a culture that is
./Froghandmirror/ the mainstream. You indulge in work not based on
./Froghandmirror/, meaning they can indulge in whatever they wan
./Froghandmirror/ of assholes indulging in self-generated pr
./Froghandmirror/ you came from, to indulge in good work, but to
./Froghandmirror/, has no reason to indulge in, and can be excha
./Froghandmirror/ didn't allow you to indulge in the arts to find 
./Froghandmirror/ world in order to indulge ourselves in its com
./Froghandmirror/, are prevented from indulging in it through whatev
./Froghandmirror/ why I didn't indulge in them sooner. But 
./Froghandmirror/ conflicting, and I indulged the entire thing in 
./Froghandmirror/ says, and simply indulge in the culture that 
./Froghandmirror/, all of which I may indulge in because of the be
./Froghandmirror/ so that they may indulge in her work. It woul
./Froghandmirror/ stories - and indulging in something very pr
./Froghandmirror/ General, as I don't indulge in passive racism), 
./Froghandmirror/ human rights of indulging in the arts and cult
./Froghandmirror/, where they may indulge in their work and ne
./Froghandmirror/ to allow gamers to indulge in the work that the
./Froghandmirror/ it for an hour and indulge in the novelty of it
./Froghandmirror/ dislike those who indulge in bad anime or bad 
./Kratzenmirror/</em> can enjoy and indulge in, not just those s
./Kratzenmirror/ free, as opposed to indulging in permission cultur
./Kratzenmirror/ kind of sick for indulging in it. <a href="../.
./Kratzenmirror/ is refreshing to indulge in a nice relaxing g
./Kratzenmirror/ I in the wrong for indulging in this type of junk
./Kratzenmirror/ your charisma. To indulge in the fabric of lif
./Kratzenmirror/ the public to indulge in it? It’s only fai
./Kratzenmirror/ the right to indulge in your work, they d
./Kratzenmirror/ it’s wrong to indulge in your fundamental 
grep --color=always -RioP ".{20}[ ,.]normie[s]?[ ,.].{20}" . | aha --black > ../normies.html
./10kbmirror/ off my nose; even normies have these fetishes,
./10kbmirror/ on work that even normies can get behind? Mayb
./Froghandmirror/, a virgin, or a normie. Those all sound bad
./Froghandmirror/ to sue 10,000 normies for downloading one 
./Froghandmirror/ named Catalie, as normies like to name things 
./Froghandmirror/ that she is a normie who has failed to ev
./Froghandmirror/ we can prevent the normies from getting to it, 
./Froghandmirror/ of thought from normie to Froge (no relatio
./Froghandmirror/, as they're full of normies who don't understand
./Froghandmirror/ a thing amongst the normies who feel a need to g
./Froghandmirror/ would make even a normie justify its existenc
./Froghandmirror/ things that the normies could never imagine.
./Froghandmirror/ has penetrated the normie web because of the l
./Froghandmirror/ Contrary to normie belief, the brony fa
./Froghandmirror/ me just how bad normie society can get. In 
./Froghandmirror/ a part of the same normie society which lies c
./Froghandmirror/ it - it keeps the normies away from us pander 
./Froghandmirror/ of if you're a normie. While my Art of Mis
./Froghandmirror/ space. If you're a normie who just don't give 
./Kratzenmirror/ who casts out the Normie Menace and ushers in
./Kratzenmirror/ nice, so if I am in Normie Hell, it’s sure bett
./Kratzenmirror/, requiring bigass normie hands to operate and
./Kratzenmirror/ appropriated by normies to the point where i
./Kratzenmirror/</em> very well be normies, when art requires s
./Kratzenmirror/ without the typical normie distribution methods
./Kratzenmirror/ mass appeal, where normie gamers can find it b
./Kratzenmirror/ myth believed by normies with no background i
./Kratzenmirror/ make this, but that normie thing? That was a JO
./Kratzenmirror/ for <em>being</em> normies when, by definition,
./Kratzenmirror/ people <em>are</em> normies and criticising some
./Kratzenmirror/ I do think that normies are boring human bei
./Kratzenmirror/ of being a normie, then it’s going to 
./Kratzenmirror/ developers being normies. Why am I explaining
./Kratzenmirror/ from frustratingly normie to batshit insane. W
./Kratzenmirror/ <strong>Most Normie Game</strong> award,
./Kratzenmirror/ (if you aren’t a normie, that is), and 2017 
grep --color=always -RioP ".{20}[ ,.]sheep[ ,.].{20}" . | aha --black > ../sheep.html
./10kbmirror/ a sheep; I’m a man. Sheep follow other sheep, 
./10kbmirror/ cult leader. The sheep and the shepard, and
./Froghandmirror/ aren't all fucking sheep based on how often w
./Froghandmirror/ or whatever and the sheep will flock. I made t
./Froghandmirror/ product because the sheep just don't fucking c
./Froghandmirror/ dreamed of electric sheep, branded simply - 'f
./Froghandmirror/ and impress the sheep. For proof, look at 
./Froghandmirror/ deadly popular, the sheep of the world congreg
./Froghandmirror/ You're like a sheep, you know, in that y
./Kratzenmirror/ what you might call sheep, in the absense of a
./Kratzenmirror/ Kojima never had a sheep rebel from his day j
./Kratzenmirror/ those spineless sheep have or will ever ha
./Kratzenmirror/ screwed the pooch, Sheep. I was arrogant in b
./Kratzenmirror/ due to unthinking sheep who care more about 
./Kratzenmirror/ a particular feral sheep, so that’s a thing o
grep --color=always -RioP ".{20}[ ,.]worthless[ ,.].{20}" . | aha --black > ../worthless.html
./10kbmirror/ than making a worthless blanket statement, t
./10kbmirror/, so banal and worthless, be meaningful. How 
./10kbmirror/ nickles; they look worthless, but you keep pickin
./Froghandmirror/ augmentation being worthless if you use a weapon 
./Froghandmirror/, even though it's a worthless creature who you sho
./Froghandmirror/ is now. Art isn't worthless, and anybody who say
./Froghandmirror/ ends up being worthless to whoever is snoopi
./Froghandmirror/ don't be another worthless piece-of-shit wanker
./Froghandmirror/ that's a fucking worthless way to measure yours
./Froghandmirror/ say that art is worthless in the fields of sci
./Froghandmirror/ that family is worthless except as an obligat
./Froghandmirror/ without context are worthless opinions. I cannot s
./Froghandmirror/ writing reviews are worthless unless there has bee
./Froghandmirror/ Mikuru seemed to be worthless, as it didn't featur
./Froghandmirror/ Scamper away. Be worthless. I don't want you ho
./Froghandmirror/ dirt, Daddy. I'm worthless to you. If I ever as
./Froghandmirror/ the doors were worthless. Would it make you f
./Froghandmirror/, that it becomes worthless, does a disservice t
./Froghandmirror/ your prose becomes worthless. Even if you elabora
./Froghandmirror/ single unfunny, worthless, or contradictory li
./Froghandmirror/ the entire effort worthless, seeing as the user 
./Froghandmirror/, his money will be worthless, and his potential w
./Froghandmirror/ it completely worthless to researchers and p
./Froghandmirror/ something entirely worthless. The good news is th
./Froghandmirror/ thrill. What a worthless website full of stup
./Froghandmirror/ that seems worthless, you eventually find
./Froghandmirror/ that isn't worthless, take years worth of
./Froghandmirror/ of which is a worthless complaint to you, fo
./Froghandmirror/ Beyond the worthless garbage like the ent
./Froghandmirror/ to a banana. It's worthless. You can be silent a
./Froghandmirror/ Bible, which is a worthless feature though still
./Froghandmirror/ is one of the most worthless things they can do t
./Froghandmirror/ programs being worthless on old computers, an
./Froghandmirror/ designers become worthless, and the player take
./Froghandmirror/ of its uses are for worthless things, such as voti
./Froghandmirror/, except not a worthless and redundant system
./Froghandmirror/ banal and evidently worthless thing, and the stron
./Froghandmirror/ all of banter is worthless though, as I could k
./Froghandmirror/ in the world is worthless if you don't have th
./Froghandmirror/ the hardware are worthless if the hardware is o
./Froghandmirror/ money completely worthless. Fortunate then that
./Froghandmirror/, and by making worthless conversation and soc
./Froghandmirror/ step to becoming a worthless person, because not 
./Kratzenmirror/ big tits makes them worthless for everything beyon
./Kratzenmirror/ yourself Froge, you worthless piece of shit, think
./Kratzenmirror/ so is objectively worthless, in this alternate u
./Kratzenmirror/ gold, but it’s worthless because there’s nobo
./Kratzenmirror/ a supporter of that worthless cunt, is not only a 
./Kratzenmirror/ futile and worthless experience that coul
./Kratzenmirror/ you taunt us with worthless busywork? Instead of
./Kratzenmirror/ the sound cues are worthless to you. Once you con
./Kratzenmirror/ to be greeted with worthless safe crackers. You c
./Kratzenmirror/ So driving is worthless in this game. Fun.</
./Kratzenmirror/ and utterly worthless, and then sticking w
./Kratzenmirror/ vaguely, they were worthless content indications 
./Kratzenmirror/ of playing is made worthless because of a team of
./Kratzenmirror/“hard carry”, who is worthless until they have done
./Kratzenmirror/ still confirmed as worthless for most websites, b
./Kratzenmirror/ systems, which are worthless due to a combination
./Kratzenmirror/ <em>isn’t</em> a worthless one, and I believe t
./Kratzenmirror/ fun, and it’s not a worthless emotion. But this on
./Kratzenmirror/, being a completely worthless and creatively – nul
./Kratzenmirror/ Dunkey is such a worthless, piece – of – shit, 

[compiled by me on 2018-01-15]