ASCII sodomy considered harmful

The Debian maintainers have an embarassingly retarded discussion about whether to include a funny ASCII artpiece depicting zoophilia in cowsay, an ascii art tool which comes with some Linux distributions.

This is a legal issue in many countries. Even if it's not well-defined by law if ASCII representations of Zoophilia are legal or not, I'd rather prefer not to take a chance being involved in a lawsuit when such a file could be found on my computer.

Please remove the file from the packages as soon as possible. Thank you.

For the record, we're talking about THIS:

                   (  )
       __         / \  \ 
      UooU\.'@@@@@@`.\  )
      \__/(@@@@@@@@@@) /
           `YY~~~~YY' \\
            ||    ||   >> 

I can't even begin to imagine who might be infuriated about this. (Spoiler: a German woman, as it seems.) As I happen to live in Germany, I can tell you this is clearly defined as art. This person makes a mountain out of a dust speck. Hell, you can even have Mein Kampf on your computer or sell it without getting busted! (Law says: the book is older than the Federal Republic of Germany and therefore can't be meant to attack the Federation. Cool, huh?)

That being said, this image even is located in the cowsay-off package which CLEARLY states:

This package contains cows which some may consider to be offensive. Please do not install this package if you or your users are easily offended.

Well, Felicia, here's a hint in case you did not understand: DON'T FUCKING INSTALL IT if it offends you. It's as simple as that.

At least, Dominik George gets it right:

I'm sorry, but in fact, your concern should be that you are obviously unable to control what you install on your system. You can read a handbook on this topic - but please leave unrelated maintainers alone - they are not the support crew for your personal system's administration.

Bonus addendum: FreeBSD shipped Hitler quotes. That's either savage as hell or something to worry about. I can't decide.

Bonus addendum addendum: I think it's something to worry about. Imagine running FreeBSD with fortune set up as your motd and having your machine connected to a beamer at university. It wouldn't be that great to have everybody look at a quote of Adolf Hitler after you firing up the shell.

— jonas, . archived from: journal v3

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