Autistic UNIX Posers

If you have ever used Linux for some months, chances are you know about /r/unixporn, where people customise their desktops and post screenshots of them. That's not bad, imo, but it gets really ridiculous when they start treating their physics notes like some elitist super-complex math wizardry and then post a screenshot of that. Taking math notes in vim instead of writing stuff down on paper must be one of the most impractical things you might do with your setup. Also note the fucking C code on the right. Calculating these things in C with floats shows you've got no taste at all! On top of that it is just plain retarded to use a compiled language for doing some math.

This bothers me a lot, and I didn't even mention that it's just a terminal multiplexer and solarized dark. It's fucking ugly, yet manages to get 300 upvotes when this minimalist piece of art gets around 160.

— jonas, . archived from: journal v3

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