But muh analog

The resurgence of analog media like vinyl or the music cassette is a little funny. People start to get into these mediums again which is the perfect time for me as the original hipster to go back to the CD.

I don't know whether I had been blinded by its coolness, but I really began to dislike the vinyl record as a medium for music albums. Finding the overpriced record in your shelf, unpacking the vinyl package, then unpacking the vinyl, opening the turntable lid, putting it on, blah blah blah... it's simply too annoying for me to like it (believe me, I tried). Also, because every recent vinyl is some highest quality fuck me right into the ass bullshit obnoxious hipster master, I have to change the side after two or three tracks. Then I'll open the lid again, take the vinyl, put it into its envelope and then its case... kill me.

Also, I can't stand the way my friends behave in regards to vinyl, looking at it as some kind of religulous belief when they are just shite millennials like I am, and praise the vinyl like I used to. Not to mention the fucking price. Why should I pay around 30 Merkelunits for an Amy Winehouse reissue of 2006? That makes zero sense at all, but hey, the music industry loves ripping off their customers.

In the end, CDs are the (boring) present and future for me. They are highly portable, still provide great sound (impressive for a medium from the 80s), usually do not degrade in sound quality over time, come with a booklet, are easy to rip, et cetera. Not to mention I may fall asleep without the neurotic thought the medium is still spinning when it reached the end. Seriously, that fucks me up. It feels like a waste of mechanical resources.

That being said, I will still buy vinyl where it makes sense, e.g. when it comes to techno singles where a boring CD would pose a huge waste of data… and I also can't scratch with them.

One last thing: fuck off with this “but muh analog” attitude. After all, everything that's going out of a loudspeaker through the air into your ear WILL be analog by definition. I know I had propagandised analog stuff before, but I probably need to accept I was just some pleb. Seriously, buy the CD. It's as close to the original sound as its creator intended. Next time you wish for “warmer, fuller” sound, don't blame the CD. Blame your damn artist for being shit at mixing.

— jonas, . archived from: journal v3

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