P. Ajit

We need to talk about that Ajit Pai video. You know, I always assumed he was just a boring prick mindlessly managing the duties Verizon gave him. But this video shows something else: Ajit Pai is passionate. He is a douche with passion. I'm unironically astonished by the amount of passion and pure disregard to his critics that's presented in this official FCC-made video. He is an adroit arse and fully aware of that. And you bet he's also aware of how outdated and even cringey his memes are, which I assume is a highly cynical statement on how dumb he considers the regular internet user. Part of me likes that, so please have someone kill Pai very quick. I can't live with this shame.

Still, he's doing his job fucking well. /u/ExpertContributor explains it:

What I find particularly revolting is the way this man mocks his opponents, antagonising and provoking them, throwing his weight around like a child. I imagine those fat cats drinking champagne in their high rises, hooting with laughter at this clown's performance, cheers to the billions they will inevitably rake in, and the oligopoly they will entrench.

— jonas, . archived from: journal v3

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