For anyone suffering from severe anxiety, I can recommend Magnesium supplements (or a healthy lifestyle in general, coughcough.)

I have read on Hackernews (and we all know HN is full of sensible people) that Magnesium might help to deal with anxiety, so it has to be true, and therefore decided to order some of that precious Mg.

I am really surprised to state that it actually worked for me. There is just some minor downside: I am just too fucking relaxed, tired, laid-back and unable to get anything done in general. That means that basically, I can choose between performing in hell or taking a bath in fatigue.

Life stays interesting, I guess.

Also, this site is now powered (again) by a static site generator. The first reason is that it helps me in being a tired fuck, and secondly, I used that project to learn some Emacs. Now I can confidently say: fuck you, Vas, this editor has some super annoying quirks, and– actually, fuck you twice, because I've gotten used to Emacs unexptectedly quickly and everything else feels even worse now.

If anyone cares, here is the generator script. I'm planning to put my whole site into a git repo where such a thing actually makes sense, but not today.

— jonas, .

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