Leaving ★

Note: half a year after this had been published, I happened to find myself still somewhat active on Neocities. Hence, this marks an ideological shift rather than a technical one.

Looking back at that decision nowadays, I still think it was a pretty good idea. It was the only way for me to get rid of the constant itch in my head and start getting my life together.

Hello, folks. I am going to leave Neocities. For real.

This is not influenced by recent events in any way, except of reminding me that I wanted to get this done. Rather, I have noticed over the past weeks and months that I am too busy, too uninterested and too uninspired to keep up with strata and give this site the content it deserves.

The Same Old Story

2016. I am severely depressed, due to having no social skills whatsoever, and studying very much on my own in a terrible city.

I decide to end my studies in computer science before finishing even the first semester. It is a huge shame.

I move back in with my parents. But it feels bad. I have nothing to do, and need to channel and sort my thoughts. So I create this website. I've thought it would remain unseen and anonymous and refreshing.

The first iteration of this site happened to be in German! Nobody noticed it, except for a couple people I don't remember (probably joppiesaus) and Froge. As much as I hate Froge nowadays, it is valid to state that the only thing keeping me going was his praise of my aesthetic qualities.

2017, summer. I notice that I feel much better. I also notice that my site had lost its purpose. It used to be a cathartic platform for me, but turned into a collection of more or less interesting life events, written in an embarrasing way. And read by a couple of decent people. Okay.

2017, autumn. I have started studying again. This site comes in handy. Using the inspiring effect of being a little depressed still, combined with more and better aesthetics, I accidentially manage to bring this site into overdrive.

2018, spring. The site is gradually perfected, but like all great things, I have eventually gotten tired of it. Apart from releasing Yesterday, my magnum opus, I have also started to create a truly personal site, something to show to real-life friends and nothing that a (relaxed) employer would feel ashamed about. This also means less motivation to work on strata.

2018, summer, autumn, winter. Feeling detached and depersonalised due to an experience with hash having gone terribly wrong. Edited a hilarious music video.


I have tried to come up with a couple of ways to keep this site alive and interesting, but it just did not work, and still doesn't.

I have burnt out completely regarding strata. And, I think, it is a really good idea to quit because of this. I don't want to artificially keep this rotting corpse alive any longer. The site does not deserve it, given what it got me through.

Also Important

In general, but also looking at recent events, I am very glad having run this site pseudonymously. I have not always made smart and well thought-out moves, but I hope I've not been the worst person here either. That being said, I still wouldn't want to be associated with it.

Related to this, please be careful about some people on Neocities. Most are fine, but some turn out to be sociopaths, narcissists, and attention whores. Try to develop skills to spot and avoid those people.

Last Words

I'd like to thank a couple of people or sites for drastically improving my Neocities experience and keeping it enjoyable. This includes, in no particular order: Hosma, OwlMan, joppiesaus, openbooks, shelfdust, arkmsworld, flaum, Froge, Capy, trapped, Vas, Cheren & Neo, jeremyredhead, september, goodmode, and not to forget kenny46140.
You ROCK !!!

I'd also like to kindly mention kinkynekoboi, spriteclad and gay-pixel.

... and Kyle Drake, that lazy bastard.

OK, one last thing. It is unfinished, and probably mixed poorly, but I want to get it out of my head: Running High '99. Have fun.

If you have any questions, you can still reach me until next year or so at strata@posteo.de...
This is Jonas “Strata” Kirschfeld, signing off!

— jonas, .

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