some words about it

Whenever I am bored and don't feel like programming or wasting time on Reddit, I fire up Ableton Live and see what trash I can “produce”.

Over the time, I have amassed a few decent tracks and bundled them into a non-serious and shitty album called “Yesterday, one day ago”… I once dreamt of a bus stop that was called exactly like that.

On the bottom of the page, there are opportunities to either stream the album as squishy 128kbit/s Opus, or to download an exciting package of FLAC/MP3 files containing the full album art and exclusive liner notes!

Remember: if something sounds off or distorted it is probably meant to be like that. I am too much of an obsessive perfectionist not to notice.

Have fun!
— strata, 07apr2018.

stream it

Just click on the track you want to hear. They might take a second to load.

Files hosted by OwlMan, thanks for helping out again.

download it

Here you go. [Mirror]

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